26 - 29 September 2022 - Belfast, UK


OPTIONS for the Control of Influenza
is the only global scientific meeting with a dedicated focus on influenza. OPTIONS XI is the 11th meeting in the series and will be held at the ICC Belfast, Northern Ireland. It will continue to build on the success of its predecessors with a 4-day format that will deliver a strong scientific programme, addressing a full range of issues of real-world relevance to the 'flu community', with an additional focus on COVID-19. It will also provide a unique opportunity for discussions and exchange of ideas between representatives of government agencies, academia and industry.


  • Provide comprehensive state-of-the art scientific information for all disciplines involved in influenza prevention, control and treatment, including seasonal and pandemic planning
  • Promote genuine international and multi-disciplinary collaboration supporting the full spectrum of influenza research from basic science to the development of new vaccines and antiviral agents
  • Provide a context for scientists working in both public health and agricultural/veterinary agencies to exchange research/knowledge and develop collaborative approaches to the control and prevention of pandemic influenza

OPTIONS I Keystone, Colorado, USA 1985
OPTIONS II Courcheval, France 1992
OPTIONS III Cairns, Australia 1996
OPTIONS IV Crete, Greece 2000
OPTIONS V Okinawa, Japan 2003
OPTIONS VI Toronto, Canada 2007
OPTIONS VII Hong Kong, SAR China 2010
OPTIONS VIII Cape Town, South Africa 2013
OPTIONS IX Chicago, USA 2016
OPTIONS X Singapore 2019